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QLFS 6.1


QLFS 6.0 & QLFS 5.1.1

Errors And Dependencies:

Easy forgetfulness If you download the packages not from the direct download of the script, it's important that the packages are placed in a directory where every user can access, example in /home.

Mandrake Linux 10.1 In order to work correctly on this system QLFS requires the installation of the static library glibc-static-devel.rpm available on (tested by *Ph03n1x*)

Fedora Core 3 During the boot of the lfs system compiled under FC3, it's get an error: /fsck.extX unsupported feature(s) e2fsck Get a never version of e2fsck/. The error seems to had at the incompatibility between the fedora's tools and those compiled by lfs. To resolve it, simply copy the file e2* and fsck* on lfs. (tested by *Ph03n1x*)

Archlinux 0.6 e 0.7 No problems found. (tested by furibondox)

Slackware 10 No problems found. (tested by furibondox)

Debian Sarge No problems found. (tested by ukero)

Gentoo To be tested.

Suse No problems found. (tested by Ph03n1x)

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