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Wednesday 25 Maggio 2005

Talk about QLFS at Italian Linux World Expo

Tuesday 24 Maggio 2005

Publicated first alpha release of QLFS-Live 2005 for the Linux World Expo.

Monday 7 Marzo 2005

Publicated QLFS regarding article and relative script on the Linux Pro Magazione.

Friday 18 Febbraio 2005

Publicated alpha release of qlfs-60a

Wednesday 9 Febbraio 2005

Starting development of the version 6.0

Tuesday 8 Febbraio 2005

Publicated the beta release of qlfs-511b

Monday 7 Febbraio 2005

Fixed the deviced creation of 7th up

Tuesday 1 Febbraio 2005

Added the parameter support on the script

Sunday 30 Gennaio 2005

Added the language support (italian and english)

Friday 28 Gennaio 2005

Added the partition control and the possibility to format with different filesystem

Wednesday 26 Gennaio 2005

Starting re-writing of all the project in modular mode whit a function for every package and boot of the first 511-beta.

Tuesday 25 Gennaio 2005

Release of the first alpha!!!

Monday 24 Gennaio 2005

The script can be considered as finished… we only have to fix up somethings for the final aspect and the bootloader configuration

Friday 21 Gennaio 2005

The script compile ALL until the GCC of the 6th chapter incluse!!! Come on boys…

Thursday 20 Gennaio 2005

The things are going weel…. we have resolved a big problem and now the script work until the 6 chapter whitout problem.

Monday 3 Gennaio 2005

Inauguration of this wiki with registration of the admin.

Saturday 18 Dicembre 2004

New import of the project in the cvs… hope that now everythings go weel!!

Friday 17 Dicembre 2004

Modificated the control for the file ** so to use the read_var() function.
Added colours to the script through ** file.
Setted the default choice on the questions of the script.

Wednesday 15 Dicembre 2004

Fixed the controls by using the read_var() function.
Fixed the controls on the input.
Added a function for estimate the user's answer.
Insert the ** file where are placed all the global function of the script
Check on the number of file in the passed dir.

Tuesday 14 Dicembre 2004

Added the control on the existence of the lfs user.
Insert routine for reload the script after the first time.
Fixed the routine for cleaning the script.

Friday 10 Dicembre 2004

Sorry for these days but i have had somethings to do…
I have updated all the server and then also the cvs, now you have to delete the older version of the script and do a good chackout of the new ;-)
If someone have problems contact me on irc.

Saturday 27 Novembre 2004

Fixed the problem of the passage of the parameter to wget.

Thursday 25 Novembre 2004

We have decided to add the variable $COMMETN “make check” to enable the make check at the compilation time of the packages that support it.
There are also changes on the using of wget, a list of files would have to appear to a specific web address , in which are contained the names of the files to download.

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